OneMain's Branch Review tracker allows managers to review to-do lists, track reports and statistics.


With multiple reports and multiple managers to monitor, the district managers needed a place to keep track of the progress of their team. With this in mind, we began creating concepts for a Branch Review Dashboard.


UX/UI Design

April 2018


Our team worked with our project manager to surface key features in upcoming features and products. With a combination of business requirements and technical requirements to tackle, our brainstorming sessions were frequent at the beginning of each project.

Performance Reviews were extremely time consuming and needed to be completed by the end of the year. Our district managers needed a space to review these bi-weekly PRs to make sure their regional managers were on track. 

We also needed to account for 4 types of PRs and distinguish which manager had performed how many of a certain type.

With lot's of information to unpack all at once, we broke it down into a dashboard you can drill down into to gather more details.


In my time with OneMain Financial, I was submerged into a world of traditional business strategy making its way into agile teams. This massive change doesn't happen overnight, and we faced growing pains from all angles.

To combat this, my design team regularly reflected on our strengths and best practices to carry with us into the next project.


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