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What should I bring?

Most toiletrees are provided at the airbnb. You might want to bring: - Pillow and blanket - Extra towels - Comfty clothes - Jello shots, wine, beer, whatever you like!

What should I wear?

We only have two events planned to go out. Saturday morning is brunch which is a casual chic place. So feel free to dress up, but you don't have to get too fancy! We're hoping to go together with a black and nude color scheme. Saturday night we will have a dinner party at home. An all black affair where you can wear what you were to brunch or dress it up a little more!

What are we doing?

Due to COVID, a lot of things seem to be limited, especially the bar scene. We've decided it's probably best we stay in and have a good time, with our major outing being brunch on Saturday morning. If there's something you feel like doing please let us know!

What is the airbnb address?

2001 Convent Place Unit 4 Nashville, TN 37212


2001 Convent Place
Unit 4
Nashville, TN 37212
Friday  3 pm
Sunday  11 am 


Get settled in, pop some champagne, eat some snacks and relax. We'll get situated and stay in. 

Light snacks and drinks for the evening so feel free to bring your own dinner or order in!

Our Airbnb has towels, blankets, bedding, and most toiletries, but feel free to bring anything you'd like to make yourself extra cozy.


Brunch at SINEMA

10:30 - 12:30 private room reservations

Take a virtual tour

What should I wear?

Literally whatever you feel wearing, queen! We're looking to go with a black and nude theme. A nice mix of casual and formal, but most of all something you feel good in! Instagram worthy spaces here through and through.


Dinner party at home

Put on your black dress and get all glammed up to stay in! We're ordering dinner from Nicoletto's Pasta Co. (on the house) in and kicking the night off with an instagram photoshoot, lots of mixed drinks, and most of all FUN.

What should I wear?

We're mourning the loss of this year's plans. Eat, drink and be merry in all black as we celebrate Paige and Megan's death to the 20's!


Check out is at 11 am. We will need to clean the space and have everything back in place by then.


Add your favorite songs to our very own playlist.


Y'all have no idea how much I love each and every one of you. THANK YOU for helping us celebrate Paige's and my birthday. I am beyond excited to have this group of amazing women together, and I cannot wait to see the memories we make together.

Death to the 20s!